Established late June of 2001, new to the Motor sport World but not to the "Kar Industry." name is Scott Tran, I've been tuning & working on kars for past ten years since 16. It wasn't hard to come up with my company's name, since naturally am such a Kar Fanatic myself! I have a die hard passion for kars. I prefer to do all the installation and sales, so I could be positive each sale/installation is done right. Let me take this moment to briefly explained what my company is all about.

This is not an Internet Only Base-Business, we're an actual complete Kar Performance Shop, offering a wide array of kar accessories. Recognizing there are numerous Performance Shops, we separate ourselves by the kind of work we provide: Clean & Professional Installations with a good attitude and good work ethics. Honesty is our best policy (as corny as it sounds). We never push or shove big profit products at our customer. Quite frankly we don't want your money, we rather have your business. Our reasonable prices helps us accommodate any auto enthusiast, with budgets large or small.

Our strict "Protocols" have made us known for our installations. Here's Three scenarios:



This Is What We
Reason Why We Do It
Connectors are used for all connections
Provides solid and reliable connections for years of reliable service
Electrical tape are used to conceal color wires not make connections
not make connections Keeps vital alarm wires hidden. Electrical tapes will fall apart and revel loose when hot, exposing bare connections
No Cutting, only splicing( tapping into ) factory wiring
Cutting sometimes causes broken connections, resulting malfunctions / improper operation / accessories cease to function
Doors, Trunk, Hood detection are always included
Assures all entry zones are protected; not all shops will includes Trunk / Hood
Dual Zone Shock Sensors are always included
Prevents false alarms while increasing sensitivity
Dome light supervision
Lets owner observe vehicle's interior before entry to vehicle - great for ladies
Always vacuum interior after completion
Customer Satisfaction!!!

This Is What We
Reason Why We Do It
All bump stops are cut
Increase suspension travel which = smooth ride; most shops neglect to do
Check for worn or torn suspension parts
Helps maintain vehicle in good operation
Inspect shocks
Increase tire & suspension life
Wipe and Clean grease marks & smudges
You guess it!!! Customer Satisfaction!!! No likes a dirty Kar returned to em!!!

This Is What We
Reason Why We Do It
Seats and Carpet are removed
Permits proper placement of wires/components
RCA ran along middle Power Wire ran along sides
Prevents "Alternator Noise"
Grounded by bolt at factory grounding points
Prevents popping noises while operating OEM equipments: signals, brake, etc
Interior Vacuumed of any debris
Customer Satisfaction!!!



"I've never experience such service or workmanship. Scott asked me what I need, rather than tell me what i need. He was very helpful and attentive to my needs and relieved all my concerns. Everything came out as he promised. Two Thumbs up for Kar Fanatics!"

John Mathers
   Fountain Valley, CA
"After three stereo shops, three different stereo set ups, and each trip resulting nothing more than me having to pick up something new they promise would work. After over $2,840.53 in the hole, I was bout ready to trash my whole stereo system those three stereo shops managed to talked me into buying. It was actually giving me a headache! Not from the bass but the constant loud alternator whining noise! Than a friend turned my attention to Kar Fanatics. Scott is a miracle worker! He was able to to salvage my stereo system making it sing music to my ears. He was able to do all this without selling a single piece of equipment. Selling me only on his service & workmanship!"

- Albert Flores
   Mission Viejo, CA
"I had my alarm installed by one of those "Big Stereo-Chain Stores." I paid top dollars for something that went bad in only a few week and to add insults to injury, it took days to schedule an appointment to fix my alarm. I was outraged to discover a charge for the repair. To make a long story short, my alarm went bad once more & my car was broken into. I decided to bring my ride to Kar Fanatics, within a couple of hours I was hooked up with a phat Viper Alarm. Reliable & solid, receiving no hassles from it. My only problem was not bringing my ride to Kar Fanatics in the first place. Scott even gave me a follow up call, telling me to come in every six months to replace my remote battery @ NO CHARGE!. Now that's service!"

- Alan Parks
  Cypress, CA